December 23, 2019

A Comprehensive Guide On Heart Diseases

The heart diseases like Angina Pectoris and Heart Attack are spreading day by day particularly in developing countries like India, every year these diseases kill lakhs of people due to the unavailability of medical facilities and if available, the medical treatment is so costly that only rich people can afford. Secondly, due to the lack of awareness and fast-paced life, people do not take care of their health well which leads them quickly hunted by such diseases. Continuously high blood pressure puts all the pressure on the heart from which chances of heart diseases increases. Other than this, diabetes is also responsible for increasing heart diseases at a big level. Because of this, the sugar level in blood increases and continues to stay for a long time so the slowly-slowly this makes the arteries get blocked.

Symptoms of heart diseases:

a) Chest pain

At starting, the patient does not feel any symptoms but when patient do any physical work like walking for a long distance, climb stairs or mountains, running, etc then during that time the initial symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest pain, shoulders and back pain, body heaviness, suffocation, chest congestion, etc experienced.

Chest pain reasons – Because the working of the heart completely revolves around the blood and sometimes due to lack of blood in the body results in improper functioning of the heart and in resulting the heart muscles shrink which leads the chest pain. This pain in allopathy is called “Angina Pectoris”. Apart from this, more mental work and stress is also the reason for chest pain.

b) Heart Attack: If the patient is suffering from any heart disease then the fat inside the blood artery accumulates and completely blocks it or the presence of any blood clot in the blood artery blocked the flow of blood and the heart can not get the oxygenated blood then a sudden chest pain occurs which is called “Heart Attack”.


Nervousness, difficulty in breathing, irregular heart beatings, sudden pain attacks in heart, sweating, dizziness, nausea, intense weakness, unconsciousness, etc.

Always keep in mind that heart attack pain is still there even if you are taking full rest

Angina Pectoris’ pain is due to physical hard work and relieves if you take some rest. This pain does not affect the blood pressure and heart beating so it is not a matter of worry.

If the pain starting from physical hard work is still there even after rest and does not cure after intaking the healing medicines then it is surely Heart Attack so in that condition, consult our Mayuri Herbals heart diseases’ physician or specialist.

Heart patient diet:

The suffering patients must intake pomegranate without seeds, Staff jam, lemon juice, a small amount of lukewarm milk, barley water, raw coconut water, carrot, spinach, garlic, raw onion, anise, fenugreek seeds, raisins, dry grapes, etc.

Other than this, intake pure ghee made from cow’s milk (limited use), wheat oatmeal, branched wheat flour bread, bread made with gram and barley flour, soaked grams, roasted grams in limited quantity, unpolished rice.

Green vegetables, fresh fruits, low milk fat products must be intake in this disease.

After eating lunch and dinner do vajrasana, and if feel fatigue does Savasana.

Heart patients or other people who want to stay away from heart diseases, always eat vegetarian food along with yoga exercises and Ayurveda herbal medicine.

Shawl of Arjun, amla, myrrh like Ayurvedic herbs use can not be generated any heart diseases.

To run away from heart diseases, make a routine of doing exercises daily along with stress-free sleep, esteemed rest, and healthy living is a key to vanish diseases.

Role of Amla in heart diseases: In Amla season, daily intake 2 green amlas before the morning walk. If you are not able to eat raw amlas then intake amla juice mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey. If there is no amla season, make a powder form of dry amlas. Take 3 gm or 1 full teaspoon of amla powder at night just before the sleeping time with water or honey.

By having disease restraining qualities, amla itself protects you from diseases.

Amla is a high-grade healer. It is very helpful in removing harmful and poisonous components present in the blood.

Daily use of amla makes Hemorrhages soft and flexible. And the hardness of Hemorrhages reduces that results in the easy circulation of blood.

Due to the flexibility in Hemorrhages, there are no chances of heart failure, high blood pressure, no blood clotting means no bursting of blood arteries.

The truth behind increasing heart diseases is the wrong diet and lifestyle i.e lifestyle revolves around modern machinery.

What should not be eaten by heart patients?

To get away from heart diseases, do not intake non-vegetarian food, drinking alcohol, smoking, tobacco, coffee, intoxicating drugs, more intake of ghee, oil, extra spicy and fried food, fast food like burgers, noodles, pizza, etc, junk food like chocolate, ice-cream, pastries, cake, etc.

Cholesterol is the main reason for heart diseases. Cholesterol increasing fatty food such as butter, ghee, meat, egg yolk, coconut oil, processed food, food preservatives, milk made products like khoya or mawa sweets, rabdee, malai, shrikhand, etc must be avoided.

The liver is produced by cholesterol so that the walls of cells, hormones and the nervous system (nervous system) can form a protective enclosure. Cholesterol itself is made up of fat and combines with proteins to form lipoproteins. It becomes good and bad only after friendship with protein. Good cholesterol (HDL-high density lipoprotein) is mild and carries away the fat from the blood. Bad cholesterol (LDL-low density lipoprotein) is viscous and thick and sticks in the blood vessels and arteries. This obstructs the flow of blood and our heart has to work very hard to get blood to the vessels. The result comes in the form of high blood pressure, blockage and heart attack. So to prevent heart disease it is very important to avoid cholesterol.

Sleep-related tips for heart care:

Heart and brain diseases are caused by sleeping with feet towards the south direction. Therefore, do not sleep by footing towards the south direction. The head should be kept in the south direction.

This makes sleep sound, deep, refreshing and reduces dreams. (Remember that dreams do not occur in deep sleep)

If it is not possible to sleep by keeping head towards the south direction, then sleeping should be done by heading towards the east direction. Sleeping with head towards east direction prevents headaches and eye diseases. Eyesight is good and sleep becomes pleasant and calm.

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